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Your Extravagant Wedding in a Castle…

Imagine the sun setting over your spectacular wedding reception. Your happy guests raise a toast to your happiness and you stand a moment and drink it all in.

You and your new spouse have danced for hours and now it's time to say good night to your guests and disappear into the night for your honeymoon.

As you clasp hands and make your way through the throng of guests throwing rose petals over your heads, you dunk into the waiting limousine to make your getaway. You peer over your shoulder and admire the castle that provided the perfect backdrop for your special day.

Sighing with contentment, you snuggle closer to your new spouse and review the day's events knowing you created a beautiful and extravagant wedding that your guests will talk about for years to come.


Mercer Castle Is Perfect

Nestled atop a hill in the heart of town, Mercer Castle is a familiar landmark to Doylestown residents but relatively unknown to those further afield. Yet, it stands in splendor on the corner of Pine and Ashland streets, a testament to the quirkiness of its founder a well-educated man of the world Henry Mercer.

Filled with 18th and 19th century artifacts of daily life that Mr. Mercer felt inspired to preserve in this unique structure, it's sure to elicit conversation and aha's among your wedding guests.

Plus, it appeals to your sense of creativity and it's perfect for a small, yet extravagant wedding.

With multiple locations inside or out to hold your ceremony and/or reception, you can choose from the wow-factor of the Central Court to the elegant Elkins Gallery depending on the size of your guest list.

Your guests can enjoy the unique surroundings of the Central Court filled with Mr. Mercer's artifacts of a time gone by.

The elegant Georgian Elkins Gallery provides a genteel backdrop for your intimate reception of up to 80 guests with dancing or up to 120 guests spilling into the adjacent Patio Tent.

Our receptions are usually 4 hours long leaving your guests plenty of time to meander the museum during the cocktail hour.

Memorable Affairs, Inc. handles the catering and wedding arrangements at Mercer Castle Museum. We provide all the linens, crystal, china and accessories needed for your special day. Of course, if you want to include your grandmother's silver candlesticks or other special mementos, we can accommodate those too.

Choosing a venue is fun. Let us help you add your special touches with our experienced staff.

Find out the most important questions to ask a caterer as you plan your wedding day.

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Download Your Copy of "8 Important Questions to Ask Your Caterer"

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